forget the frock around the year

Although the Easter campaign is our most public and popular way to encourage people to "Forget the Frock,"
it is our mission to challenge and encourage people to dress with a purpose throughout the year.

We accomplish this mission in three distinct ways:

Purposeful Product Guide Logo

Purposeful Product Guide

 A couple of times a year, we at Forget the Frock curate and publish a list of fun products that you can be proud of purchasing. These products are sold by charitable organizations or socially responsible small businesses that are creating consumer goods while making a positive impact in their communities or the world at large. And all the items are stylish to boot! In past guides, we've featured everything from jewelry to shoes, scarves and handbags, even gifts like candles and soaps. Our Christmas Guide will make its debut in November--be on the lookout!

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Fashion Shows

At your next Women's Ministry event or company retreat, consider hosting a Forget the Frock fashion show! We will work with you to curate a collection of clothing, shoes and accessories, all made by charitable organizations or humanitarian small businesses, that can be showcased in a fun, upbeat event.  We'll educate the audience about important causes and highlight organizations working to right social injustices. At the conclusion of the show, your attendees will have an opportunity to purchase goods that make a difference. 

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Speaking Engagements

Emily's heart is to share how God uses simple tools, like a humble t-shirt, to bring hope and further His kingdom. She challenges women to consider ways to seek justice in their daily lives. During Forget the Frock fashion shows or stand-alone speaking engagements, Emily offers engaging stories, words of encouragement, and will invite your guests to consider ways to align their daily practices with kingdom principles. As the movement evolves so do the stories, and Emily will work closely with your organization to fine-tune her message to provide fresh, engaging, and relevant content to your guests.